The woke monster has come for Obama! Activists label him an "oppressor" in their quest to rename Jefferson school

Apr 5th

America's first woke president is getting a taste of his own medicine as activists in Illinois have categorized him alongside "oppressors" like Thomas Jefferson:

Two middle schools named after Jefferson and Noah Webster are being renamed in Waukegan north of Chicago – just another example of the revisionist history tearing apart our educational system nationwide.

The board suggested naming the school named for Jefferson as "Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary."

For those who don't understand how wokism works, this probably seemed like a good idea.

"Latinx" activists, however, shot that idea down faster than Obama shot down the U.S. economy:

"I will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community," said one school board member.

"From the time Barack Obama became President until 2017 when he left, he today is still the highest-ranking president with deportations in our nation," said an immigration activist leader. "We feel that Barack Obama did a disservice to us. He denied us, and he didn't stop the deportations, the way he promised.

If you're removing the name of Thomas Jefferson – one oppressor – the name of Obama is another oppressor and our families do not want to see that name."

The super-woke see Obama's record as problematic because he had an immigration policy that generally prosecuted criminals and deported them to protect the nation he was elected to serve.

(Wait til they hear he used to only support marriage between a man and a woman.)

In addition to labelling him an oppressor, activists held a protest outside the board meeting last week, calling him "Deporter in Chief."

Barack Obama was lauded on the world stage as a messianic figure who was going to usher in a glorious new age of hope and change.

Instead, he injected identity politics into every area of life and purposely divided us for his leftist vision.

I expect him to be labelled an alt-right member of the patriarchy by 2023.

Remember: the woke monster is always hungry and it's never satisfied.


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