The working class is turning on Marx and the party that promotes him

A month ago I wrote a purely anecdotal account of how in my local manufacturing community, there was an increasingly large portion of the union households who were abandoning the Democrat Party.

Long viewed as the voice of the working class, I suggested admittedly without any scientific or statistical evidence, the party's primary obsession with social issues like abortion and the ongoing sexual revolution has caused an exodus of middle-class families who no longer feel represented.

It's becoming so apparent that even Democrat Party propaganda specialists in media are being forced to admit it.

But that's not all. Former Obama "Green Jobs" Czar Van Jones recently appeared on that same network asserting that same premise, that the Democrat Party has indeed abandoned the middle class. But Jones attributes their decision to a conscious deference to the two opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum.

In other words, the "working class" is the middle class, and progressives are utterly disinterested in advocating for policies that truly benefit such a group. The green agenda after all is a poison-tipped blow dart right to the heart of working men and women.

The modern Democrat party leadership and their media allies would rather appeal to the wealthiest white liberals, playing along with their silly word games and victimization-driven identity politics gambit. Simultaneously, and perhaps to assuage their wealthy, privileged guilt, the party also appeals to the poorest economic classes by promising significant government redistribution of wealth.

Squeezed out of this equation, of course, is the middle class. That's an odd reality for the party spreading unabashedly pro-socialist propaganda, which deceitfully is marketed as a blessing to working people. The godfather of socialist economic philosophy, Karl Marx, envisioned a just society based on even distribution of public resources, depriving the wealthy of their greedy opulence and rewarding the blue-collar masses with their fair share of society's loot.

This, not so-called economic liberty and free-market capitalism, would be the best friend of the working class. Yet here we are.

In one of history's funniest and most enlightening revelations, notice that it is the celebrity class, the wealthiest, the most professionally over-educated who are supportive of Marxism, while the truckers, factory workers, and coal miners are craving the economic freedom of capitalism.

Marxism and progressivism work wonders in textbooks and theoretical classroom exercises. But life isn't lived in a textbook or on paper. It's lived, as Van Jones of all people pointed out, in barbershops, nail salons, and grocery stores. And that is where the modern Democrat Party is failing so badly.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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