The world is far less populated than you think. Take a look at these maps and then go make some babies.
· Jul 20, 2022 ·

We haven't even come close to filling the earth and subduing it.

Let me unroll the thread here and share the embedded photos:

And some specifics by @VisualCap

The US is pretty undense:

A reminder that almost all the people in China are in the southeast.

Southeast Asia. Java is off the hook.

No one is in Iceland

Or Australia

Northern India needs to chill

While we're in Bangladesh, there are an equal number of people in the red and blue regions [from Reddit user u/AndoMacster]

Also I figured this out once:

Because we're on a roll:

If we really wanted to get dense, we could fit everyone into NYC by standing tightly together

[Flowerbed] it

K bye

The world's richest man, who has often warned about civilization-ending population collapse (and is on his way to populating the earth himself), had this to say:

We need every single one of the nearly 8 billion humans that are here today to make society work. The extreme complexity and rapid development we have experienced is because of a world that sees human life and health as a good thing.

For over a century, the likes of Thomas Malthus – the 18th-century British dweeb who thought everyone was going to starve because we were closing in on a billion people – have been proven wrong again and again.

We are not lab rats. We are human beings. Where there is a desert, we make a garden. Where there is a problem, we solve it. Where there is hurt, we heal. As broken as we are, we retain the image of God, and it is beautiful.

Adding people does not add a linear strain on the environment. Instead, it offers exponential solutions. Disease-resistant crops, antibiotics, electricity, computers, planes, rockets, and nuclear energy were invented by people who had the opportunity to live.

And yet the elites and academics like Jane Goodall are out here saying things like this:


Our society is spinning the drain as grown adults become obsessed with taking Insta photos of their dogs instead of raising the next generation.

So get to work. Have kids. Raise a nation. There's a lot of earth there to be filled!

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