The "X" gender option will be available on U.S. passports starting April 11th in case you were wondering if we're still a serious nation
ยท Mar 31, 2022 ยท

Personally, I think our new passports should have pictures of clowns on them so the world really knows you're from America!

U.S. citizens will be able to select the gender neutral "X" as a marker on their passport books starting April 11, the State Department said Wednesday.

It made the announcement on the eve of Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual day on March 31 that celebrates transgender people.

The U.S. special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ rights, Jessica Stern, said adding an X gender marker to U.S. passports is "a momentous step."

Just... wow.

"The addition of a third gender marker propels the U.S. forward toward ensuring that our administrative systems account for the diversity of gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics among U.S. citizens," she said at a news conference Wednesday. "The issuance of X gender markers on U.S. passports does not create new definitions nor rights. This policy change recognizes the true identity of the passport holder."

"Propels the U.S. forward..."

Right off the freaking Cliffs of Insanity.

With gender-neutral "X" becoming widely available April 11, Stern said, the U.S. joins other countries that "recognize their gender options on passports without additional verification beyond the person's own affirmation."

I'm sure the Chinese will laugh at our "own affirmations" before sending us to the labor camps.

Like I said, we need a new passport design that better depicts our societal delusions!

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