A retired Indian couple is suing their son and his wife for over half a million dollars because they haven't given them grandbabies
· May 17, 2022 · NottheBee.com


A retired Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law, demanding that they produce a grandchild within a year or pay them 50 million rupees ($675,000).

That's not a small sum!

I imagine any future family gatherings are gonna be SUPER awkward.

Sanjeev Ranjan Prasad, a 61-year-old retired government officer, said it was an emotional and sensitive issue for him and his wife, Sadhana Prasad, and they cannot wait any longer. His son, a pilot, was married six years ago.

"We want a grandson or a granddaughter within a year or compensation, because I have spent my life's earnings on my son's education," Prasad told reporters on Thursday.

Imagine telling your child that they were only born because grandpa was gonna take mom and dad to the cleaners otherwise. I know parents are annoyingly eager to become grandparents the second their kids get married, but yeesh!

Real talk: Here in the West we really take the Judeo-Christian concept of unconditional, sacrificial love for granted, because in most of the world and for most of time, relationships have been conducted on a transactional basis.

And if you see relationships through a contractual basis, then this actually makes sense.

Prasad said he spent 3.5 million rupees ($47,300) for his son's pilot training in the United States.

Not only that, but the parents were the ones who arranged their son's nuptials.

"We got him married in the hope we would have the pleasure of becoming grandparents. It has been six years since their marriage," Prasad said. "It feels as if despite having everything we have nothing."

And on top of it, it sounds like the issue isn't biological, but that their son and daughter-in-law – like typical millennials – are so focused on themselves and their comforts that they don't want to contribute to the survival of their family line.

"The main issue is that at this age we need a grandchild, but these people (my son and daughter-in-law) have an attitude that they don't think about us," Prasad said.

The parents invested in their son his whole life, then dropped 50 grand on his education and got him a wife, all in the natural hopes of doting on grandkids in retirement.

And their son has zero interest in that. I think a lot of parents with grown children can relate these days.

I'm not saying this whole situation is right or ideal, but I'm not gonna lie – this seems far more rooted in reality than whatever we call "love" and "relationships" here in America these days.

Here's praying the son and daughter-in-law are able to work things out with the parents – and that, you know, they might be open to bringing another little amazing person into this world!

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