These woke white women pay for dinner parties where they get scolded by a black woman. Let me break down the video. ๐Ÿคฃ
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is a real CBS documentary where very progressive, wealthy white women pay for fancy dinners to get lectured on their white privilege in an attempt to assuage their burning guilt, depression, or boredom.

This may be hard for some to watch without bursting into spontaneous, unconfined laughter or retching violently at the pure insanity on your screen, so proceed with caution!



The documentary's name is "Deconstructing Karen"!!!

Oh goodness, it's too much.

First, you have this shot of these rich women at a fancier party than the average person could afford, no matter their skin color.

The black woman, like some kind of weird dominatrix, looks at the other women with a proud gleam in her eye as she asks if any of the white women would trade places in society with a black person.

Immediately, one woman lowers her eyes out of guilt as the penance session continues:

An older woman holds her tongue, unsure of what went wrong in society.

The blonde woman then tries to virtue signal by saying she "dated a Hispanic for a long time," which the black woman doesn't take for an answer.

I spent many years thinking of myself as having dark-skinned children.

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

You can't make it up!!!

She's like the female Michael Scott!


Look at the smug pleasure in the black woman's eyes. She's enjoying this Marxist struggle session.

And why wouldn't she? Rich ladies are paying her to roast them!

You want me to insult you for a few hundred bucks? Deal!

I love the musical crescendo at this point, like we're supposed to care.

One woman says she knows there's racism in America, but she doesn't see it:

(This is because America is actually one of the least racist nations on the freaking planet and waged a horrific civil war and multiple civil rights movements to condemn racism.)

But โ€“ OH NO! โ€“ the black woman has sensed wrongthink! Look at her eyes:

But you KNOW how racist this country is.

Translation: "Say 2+2=5, comrade!"

Another woman tries to chime in with the defense of, "Well, we're just lowly white people who don't experience your exalted intersectional levels of oppression!"

Not to the degree that you do...

Now the black woman has a chance to take out the big guns. Look at her reaction:

You will NEVER know!

She schooled those white ladies good! You tell them how rotten and dirty they are. Their only hope for acceptance is to kiss the feet of someone at the top-tier of Marxist oppression-hierarchies like her!

We are still under a minute into this video, folks! It's amazing.

Now the music takes a dramatic Hans-Zimmer turn, like the building notes in "Dunkirk," as the black woman unleashes fire and fury to burn away the thoughtcrimes in these other women's souls.

Look at the sadomasochistic joy and ecstasy on her face:

You know, in this country, we created the criminalization of black people. And when your skin is seen as a weapon, you're never unarmed. And that's why black boys, men, and women are dying in the street with their hands up.


The smugness of this woman!

Are we still lying about Michael Brown, who never put his hands up and said "don't shoot" when he charged the police officer who shot him in Ferguson in 2014?

Woman, black boys, men, and women are dying in the streets because they are being killed by BLACK boys, men, and women.

According to the FBI, in 2016, there were 776 homicides nationwide involving both a black and a white person. In 533 of the cases, or 69%, it was a black murderer who killed a white victim.

But that dwarfs the black-on-black homicide incidents. In 2016, a whopping 2,570 black people were murdered by other black people.

And that was before crime skyrocketed following the 2020 lockdowns and riots!

Look at Chicago this year. As of the time of publishing, there have been 509 murders in 2022. The vast majority of those are young black people murdered by other black people. I have watched videos of young black men running their cars into other black men, scattering their bodies 20 feet across the pavement. I have watched young black men pull out machine guns with drum mags at intersections and start spraying bullets at random.

In Los Angeles, New York, Philly, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta โ€“ you name it โ€“ the same is true around the nation.

Even when you look at hate crimes, from 2016 to 2020, FBI data shows blacks committed racially motivated crime twice as often as whites.

The racist pride that women like this have โ€“ seeing their black skin as a weapon (her words) to gain money and prestige โ€“ is what blinds them to the actual things destroying black communities, and my heart breaks to see it!

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