These woke university doctors are really calling for new laws to protect ANIMALS from hate speech
· · Jun 19, 2021 ·

Okay this is nearly plagiarism, because every link I saw for this story seemed to start with this line right here:


And it's not.

It's actually a thing.

A very dumb thing.

But a thing nonetheless.

Okay, ready? I give you Dr. Josh Milburn and Dr. Alasdair Cochrane of the University of Sheffield's research paper "Should We Protect Animals from Hate Speech?"

See? I told you it was a thing.

Now, I'm not expecting you to read that. Heck, I'm not expecting anyone to read that. But it's what we've come here to talk about.

By the way, the University of Sheffield is in England in case you're wondering.

So of course in this paper the first thing they mention is white supremacy. And then they move right into how white supremacy is basically the same thing as human supremacy. Easy. Very nice work, fellas. White supremacy is working so much magic these days it deserves a medal.

The paper goes on to say:

It has been argued, for instance, that opposition to animal cruelty is a kind of fixed point in public reason (much as anti-slavery is a fixed point) or that animal welfare laws are supported by an overlapping consensus (much as human rights are supported by an overlapping consensus). Rejecting these things could thus be a kind of anti-animal hate speech...Some instances of supposed anti-animal hate speech would therefore warrant criminal censure analogous to the criminal censure warranted by racist hate speech (if any), but other instances of supposed anti-animal hate speech would not.

So we're going to get in trouble for saying things like, "I'm glad this pig died so I could have this delicious street burrito."

The doctors go on for like 6-10 paragraphs about how animals cannot choose their species, and I've about had it with reading it, so maybe you can try.

But I think I've got their main point right here: their leaflets, [human supremacists] decry the ‘propaganda' spread by animal-rights and vegan activists, and argue that humans are morally superior to other animals. They further argue that humans should prioritise other humans—even if that means ignoring the exploitation, suffering and death of non-human animals...

While members of racial minorities suffer seriously from violence, discrimination and injustice, so too do animals. Indeed, tens of billions of animals are bred, confined in terrible conditions and slaughtered in infancy every year throughout the world.

So basically these people want so bad for everyone to be vegan that they want people's basic human right of speech to be scratched in the name of "animal rights," which is just plain stupid.

Okay, I can't believe I took these guys so seriously and just wasted like an hour of my day reading their paper. That is all.


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