Lefties secretly recorded Justice Alito and wife and exposed them for dangerous beliefs like ... Christianity
· Jun 11, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Have you wondered why the Left has been going after the Supreme Court so hard lately?

First, they go after Thomas, as they have for decades, and try to expose his "radicalism" for being a conservative. Then, they throw out accusations of impropriety, corruption, and radicalization against his colleague Alito.

Yes, we have learned that Alito thinks that godliness is good!

How awful!! But this is the tip of the iceberg.

They've doubled their efforts in recent months to discredit the court. And they went after Alito and his wife this week with "secret recordings."

It's comical stuff. We'll start with Martha-Ann.


First off, the secret interviewer who works for a left-wing organization is the one who brought up the whole "make the nation godly" thing, because they thought that would make a good scandal.

Mrs. Alito doesn't object because why would she? It's a pretty innocuous thing among friends to say that you want the nation to be more godly.

Then Mrs. Alito volunteers she wants to fly a Sacred Heart of Jesus flag since she's Catholic and that's what Catholics commemorate in June.


She jokes that her husband asked her not to do it, he's tired of the flag headlines, and she respects that. But she's also tired of putting up with the Pride flag being shoved down her throat all month.

To Rolling Stone and the leftwing media, not celebrating pride, let alone actively opposing pride in this case, is an extreme show of blasphemy. That's the scandal.

Mrs. Alito goes even further and proposes a new flag she just invented to counter the "Pride" flag. The "Vergogna" flag.

It's white, and there's yellow and orange flames around it, and in the middle is the word 'Vergogna." Vergogna in Italian means shame.

Umm ... yeah, I'm going to go ahead and attach the gigachad GIF.

Can one of you artsy folks make me a mock-up of the Vergogna flag?Because it sounds flipping awesome.

Incredible that THIS is the scandal.

You know, conservatives like O'Keefe get secret undercover recordings of Democrats and find out they're selling baby body parts, trans-ing kids, lying about vaccines, and are biased in their reporting.

Secret recordings of Republicans just make me like them more. Nothing in here is making me cringe, or even think of calling the reporter a liar. I hear this and think, "Good stuff!"

Now here's Alito. Again, more nothing burgers.

OH NO! He said that we have two sides in opposition to one another and that the Left and the Right are incompatible!

Almost like the party of free sex, pride, baby murder, and globalism just doesn't easily get along with the party of morality, children's rights, and national identity.

How could someone acknowledge the reality that America is divided and that one side has to win?

Even worse, Alito wants HIS side to win and not the godless commie side!

There are differences on fundamental things that really can't be compromised ...

"Godly man wants to live in godly country" is a headline? That's breaking news?

Remember when Alito spoke to Notre Dame a year or two ago? He hasn't changed his tune. There's nothing in these "secret recordings" that he won't say publicly. Or from the bench for that matter.

Sorry, your exposè didn't work. I like the Alitos even more now.

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