California study: Attempted-suicide rate among men who had gender surgery was "twice as high" as it was before operation ๐Ÿ‘€
ยท Mar 12, 2024 ยท

They call it "gender-affirming care" and tell us that not "affirming" gender identity is the equivalent of genocide.

"A living daughter is better than a dead son," the doctors say to parents as they calculate their bill.

All of us โ€” even the liberals and get-rich-quick doctors who push it โ€” we all know this is a lie; and now we have a study out of California that confirms it.

Benjamin Ryan is a health & science reporter, and contributor at The New York Times, NBC News, and The Guardian, so I'll quote him here:

Study finds that the attempted-suicide rate among transgender women [men] who received a vaginoplasty in California was twice as high during the period after the surgery compared with the period before the surgery.

The investigators analyzed data on all 868 people who received a vaginoplasty and 357 people who received a phalloplasty in California from 2012-2018. There were an average of 2 years of data before and after surgery.

A total of 22% of the vaginoplasty group and 21% of the phalloplasty group had at least one ER or in-patient psych encounter during the study period, whether before or after surgery.

If there was a psych encounter prior to surgery, 34% of the vaginoplasty group and 27% of the phalloplasty group had a psych encounter after surgery.

Among those receiving a vaginoplasty, the rate of suicide attempts was twice as high after the surgery, at 3.3%, compared with before, at 1.5%.

The phalloplasty suicide-attempt rate was similar to the general population, while the vaginoplasty group's rate was more than twice as high as the general population.

Trust the science, people.

Or are we not doing that anymore?

Nine suicide attempts by males before surgery only, compared to 25 suicide attempts by the same group after surgery only, along with four suicide attempts that occurred both before and after surgery. In the female group, there were three suicide attempts before surgery only and three after.

Here's the full conclusion from the study:

Rates of psychiatric emergencies are high both before and after gender affirming surgery. Although both the phalloplasty and vaginoplasty patients have similar overall rates of psychiatric encounters, suicide attempts are more common in the later. In fact, our observed rate of suicide attempts in the phalloplasty group is actually similar to the general population, while the vaginoplasty group's rate is more than double that of the general population. Patients undergoing GAS with a history of prior psychiatric emergences or feminizing transition are at higher risk and should be counseled appropriately.

Essentially, as this STUDY tells us (looking at you, liberals), when a man gets his penis removed and has it replaced by a fake vagina his suicide attempt rate doubles to 3.3%.

That is 100% contrary to the talking point posed by the Left, which claims that denying these people such "care" leads to worse mental and health outcomes.

Also important to note: The females having their vaginas replaced with a bunch of skin from their leg or arm shaped into the form of a penis saw the same number of suicide attempts before and after surgery. So that affirmation doesn't cure suicide in the girl group either โ€” again, contrary to the Left's talking point.

To the wokies: Take that "if it only saves one life" and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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