They're called "women," you absolute clowns. Please come laugh at this very real article with me. 🤡
· Jan 19, 2022 ·

This is a real headline:

Once again, that is a real headline.

If you didn't know, the game show Survivor is still a thing and has a loyal fan base that's kept it going for 41 seasons.

The show itself is also super woke. This season, a gay player who is married to a woman who "transitioned" to live as a man was given ample time in the first episode to lecture the host, Jeff Probst, over the latter's customary greeting of "Come on in, guys!" to the competitors.

Probst pledged to #DoBetter by dropping "guys" in the name of inclusivity and because we live in clown world.

That being said, "players with vaginas" is a bit too much even for the wokest of reality shows.

According to two former competitors, players with vaginas received extra underwear on the latest season of "Survivor," which aired in 2021.

They even said it again!

Which reminds me, why is this a story anyway??

From further down in the article:

[Competitor Liana] Wallace said it "makes sense" to give players with vaginas more than one pair of underwear because "we got stuff going on own there" and they have different needs than those with penises.

This writer was dropped on the head as a baby and never had the "talk." It's the only explanation for the insane sentence I just read.

It does bring up a good question though. I've been told there is no difference between men and women, so why would "players with vaginas" need to have the unfair advantage of clean skivvies? Seems awfully sexist to me.

Unless women have uniquely feminine biological traits (say, like the magic ability to grow and feed a child). In that case, this discrimination makes sense.

Even the woke players on the island knew intuitively what was right.

"I was like, there's a difference between equity and equality, right?" Wallace said. "Equity is giving everyone the same thing, and then equality is giving people what they need based on their needs."

Uh oh. Even if her definition of equality is wrong, she just inferred that it's superior to equity. Pray for her.

Insider has reported that wearing the same underwear and clothes for an extended period of time can have potentially life-threatening consequences, with the health risks, such as severe urinary tract infections, being higher for people with vaginas.

Yes, someone got good money to write this.

I swear this is a real article, guys.

According to Wallace, shortly after she and her tribemates voiced their concerns, showrunners gave players with vaginas extra underwear.

"They decided, yes, it makes sense to give people that have a vagina two pairs of underwear," Wallace said. "That was something cool that I think is going to continue."

Even she said the phrase!

My goodness.

For the record: They are called "women."

"Lady" is also acceptable, as is "queen," although that term comes from an old Norse/Germanic word for "wife," which might invoke the #Patriarchy.

It's unclear if players with penises also received extra underwear.

What a time to be alive.

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