They're rewriting 1984 to fall in line with feminist orthodoxy—yes, they're actually doing this with no sense of irony whatsoever!
· Dec 8, 2021 ·

We have reached the stage of political discourse where they've actually started to subject Orwell himself to Orwellianism:

The estate of George Orwell has given the go-ahead for a feminist retelling of the British author's classic novel "1984," according to The Guardian.

American author Sandra Newman will tell the story of Orwell's "1984" through the perspective of protagonist Winston Smith's lover Julia.

"It was the man from Records who began it, him all unknowing in his prim, grim way, his above-it-all oldthink way. He was the one Syme called ‘Old Misery'," Newman writes in an excerpt of the book obtained by The Guardian. "Comrade Smith was his right name, though ‘Comrade' never suited him somehow. Of course, if you felt foolish calling someone ‘Comrade', far better not to speak to them at all."

Whew... that excerpt is... well...

Do I have to remind you of this literal quote from 1984?

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten."

We don't have to harp too much on the obvious regression from Orwell's beautifully understated, classically English prose to Ms. Newman's politically correct workshop drivel.

Rather we should marvel that someone, somewhere even thought there would be a market for this book. For whom is it intended? Fans of the original will be at best nonplussed by it. Latter-day woke Millennials have probably never even read 1984 and so will have no cultural frame of reference for it. The apparently unreadable prose will likely scare away any sort of high-minded literary audience.

So who is it for? Who's going to buy this? Who's going to read this?

Remember: WAR IS PEACE!

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