This 14-year-old kid started a lawn business to help pay for his own adoption
ยท Jun 28, 2022 ยท

Well, if this isn't just too sweet for words I don't know what is.

This teenage kid in Cayce, South Carolina started his own small lawn mowing company in order to get a little bit of cash because at 14 he was too young to be hired anywhere.

Why did he want the cash?

To pay for his own adoption.

From LiveAction:

14-year-old Tyce Pender already considers Eric Jenkins his father. All that's left is to make it official through adoption โ€” and Pender wants to do everything he can to help...

In 2010, Jenkins started dating Pender's mother, Marcy. After the couple got married, talk turned to adopting Pender and his brother, Tylee. Despite having a lawyer who has agreed to work with the family pro bono, the adoption will still cost them thousands of dollars. So Pender decided to step up.

"This is important because Eric teaches me respect, independence and what a man is supposed to be. If anything ever happens to my mom, Eric is who I'd want to live with," he said. "Court is expensive. I thought I could make enough money to pay for the adoption."

The kid doesn't want money to go to the movies, or arcade, or whatever kids do these days.

He's out there sweating in people's yards in order to help his step-dad pay to officially adopt him and his older brother.

Here's the local news feature on the kid:

What an awesome story. You can tell from the interview with him and his customers just how kind and sweet this young guy is.

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