This 17-year-old girl just nuked her city council over rules that allow males to change and shower in girls' locker rooms
· Jan 15, 2023 ·

This isn't the type of world we should be creating, where young women are forced to take this sort of thing on their shoulders. A girl shouldn't have to be this brave.

But this one was -- and man, she kills it:

The policy itself is bad enough. But it's the sneering, demented gaslighting that's the worst part of it:

"I was made to feel as though I had done something wrong when I talked to people at the YMCA."

Of course she was. The only way that this whole disgusting charade can be sustained is if vulnerable women and girls are made to feel crazy for not wanting to be naked around strange men.

The YMCA has really gone all-in on this new policy:

According to the YMCA of San Diego County's "Transgender & Nonbinary Guidelines," employees must "teach acceptance and not hate," adding they cannot assume an individual's gender identity.

"No one should be required to use an alternative restroom because they are trans," the guidelines state.

The guidelines further note that legal gender, physical genitalia, or gender expression don't dictate the use of gender-segregated spaces, which allows "trans individuals" to choose either locker room/restroom. If the YMCA facility requires someone to use a bathroom or other areas specific to gender that a person does not "identify," the statement reads that it could "be detrimental for a trans individual's well-being and safety and puts the YMCA at risk for discrimination complaints."

We live in Clown World.

Be like that brave 17-year-old.

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