This 2000-year-old Roman shoe is more fashionable than anything you have in your closet.
· · Nov 27, 2020 ·

Okay, more fashionable than anything I have in my closet.

The elaborately detailed woman's shoe was discovered some years ago at the bottom of a well at "The Saalburg," the site of a Roman fort that is believed to have been part of the empire's border fortifications in Germany.

In the "news you can use" category, we should all add "the bottom of a well" to our list of places to look the next time we misplace a shoe.

Which does make me wonder if 2000 years from now some future archeologist is going to discover a treasure trove of all the socks I could never find a match for.

Despite its age, this particular shoe is quite fashionable and I could totally see Harry Styles sporting a pair in his next British Vogue cover.

If you are interested in learning about the history of shoes in general, Germany has its own shoe museum, or, "Museum für Schuhproduktion und Industriegeschichte Hauenstein," because everything takes longer to say in German and occasionally requires a sneeze shield.

If you'd prefer to learn about the 40,000-year history of footwear without having to leave the comfort of your own home or being forced to memorize how to say, "Wo ist das Museum für Schuhproduktion und Industriegeschichte Hauenstein, check out this website.


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