This Chicago mob shouted "the only solution is communist revolution" after the Rittenhouse verdict and I'm just glad they're finally saying it out loud
· Nov 21, 2021 ·

It was never about equality, diversity, and justice.

It was always about this:

How refreshing!

I mean that sincerely! It's so refreshing to see these lefties finally say what it is that they want, instead of hiding behind slogans and buzzwords.

We need communists. That's what we need.

Just a reminder that you can respond to these bozos by snagging some sweet merch featuring Karl Marx with a clown nose over at our store.

Let's cut over to outside the Kenosha courthouse:

It's time to get organized for an actual revolution...

Good thing the FBI is busy raiding the homes of conservative journalists and investigating parents who don't like Critical Race Theory!

Here's another fun video from Chicago with race-hustler Jesse Jackson, who looks like he's not sure how he got there (language warning):

If we don't get it, shut it down!

(The "it" is America and the Constitution, btw.)

I have to admit, it makes me laugh.

We may be witnessing the apex of irony: A free people enslaving themselves to the most murderous, corrupt system ever devised by man, and all in the name of "justice."

Papa Palpatine couldn't have planned this one better!

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