This comedian has an argument for the existence of God that you've probably never considered 🤔
· Nov 7, 2023 ·

Trigger Warning for the Atheists: You might need an extra fedora to wipe away the tears after this one!

[Warning: One F-bomb]

What a fun little twist on Pascal's wager, courtesy of comedian Pete Holmes.

Either God created the universe, or else nothing created the universe. But there's one thing we know doesn't exist, and that's nothing!

(This is why atheists didn't want the "Big Bang" theory to be true - either the universe always existed or it had a beginning, but if it had a beginning, matter must have come from somewhere!)

You can't sidestep the idea of God and eternity by ignoring it all and appealing to Science™, as if pointing to the finely-tuned (and beautiful!) machinery of the cosmos is somehow proving God doesn't exist.

God is inescapable, but if you're going to try to escape Him, try harder than appealing to nothing!

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