"This could be the most corrupt scheme in American politics." Watch as Republicans detail over $10 million received by the Biden family and associates from foreign nationals. ๐Ÿšจ
ยท May 10, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Republicans have discovered that the Biden family has received more than $10 million from foreign nationals and companies while Joe Biden has been in power in DC and I expect the media to totally give this fair coverage!

Here's James Comer detailing what his committee has found:

During Joe Biden's Vice Presidency, his family and friends created more than 20 companies that started doing business deals overseas and raking in MILLIONS of dollars.

These companies were created as soon as Biden got into the White House the first time, under Obama. Do you really think that's a coincidence?

Ukrainian, Romanian, and Chinese money has been going to the Biden family for years.

Comer released a 36-page memo prior to the news conference revealing that the Biden family allegedly set up more than 20 companies to take in foreign money, possibly in exchange for influencing policy. The committee subpoenaed records from four banks linked to "specific individuals and companies that engaged in business activities with Biden family members and their business associates," the memo said.

"The transactions in Romania and China show related but separate issues identified by the Committee that raise serious questions about financial disclosures and risks to national security," Comer's memo alleged.

Here's Nancy Mace with more details:

This is absolutely damning for Biden and his family.

The Bidens having been taking money from America's enemies all while Biden holds influence and sway over American power.

It's influence peddling of the highest order.

The lawmakers, all members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, revealed subpoenaed bank records showing payments from foreign companies to Biden's son, Hunter Biden. The evidence unveiled Wednesday, first in a memo and then during a news conference, raises more questions about President Joe Biden's past claims that he "never" discussed Hunter Biden's business dealings with his son...

Those companies, including Owasco P.C., Hudson West III, LLC, Robinson Walker, LLC, and Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC, took in millions of dollars from foreign companies while delivering no apparent services, the committee says.

It's so nakedly corrupt!

But hey! Look at George Santos!

The media isn't going to cover this absolute scandal from the Bidens because they are all in on Joe 2024.

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