This teacher lures students into "Gender and Sexuality Alliance" meetings with tea and cookies and it's as creepy as it sounds
· Jan 28, 2024 ·

Yo, my predator radar is going crazy right now and I think yours will too once you watch this video. Tell me this guy doesn't seem the type.

A GSA meeting can be a lot of things: It can be activism, it can be a discussion, it can be just plain fun. But, once we started offering tea and cookies at the start, attendance went dramatically higher … It's kind of hard to say no to tea and cookies.

"It can be just plain fun."

Yeah, I bet.

It's just a way for this teacher to talk to underage kids about sex.

Nothing weird going on with these clubs.

By the way, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance is just a refurbished version of the Gay Straight Alliance. Just thought you should know.

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