Lulu the border collie just inherited $5 million and is living her best life
· Feb 16, 2021 ·

As everyone knows, dogs are man's best friend...but a border collie named Lulu's owner took this love to a whole new level.

Martha Burton, Lulu's caretaker, said that her and Lulu have been buddies for years, as she always took care of Lulu while the dog's former owner, Bill Dorris, traveled. Burton said that Dorris would leave Lulu with her because he wanted her to be well taken care of.

Late last year, Dorris passed away and made sure that Lulu would remain well taken care of...and with a few extra bucks to spare.

Dorris' will reads:

"$5,000,000 will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie Lulu and specifics that the trust should provide for all the needs of Lulu and that dog will remain in possession of Martha Burton."

Burton told WTVF Nashville that she doesn't really know what to think about it, he just really loved the dog. She knows there's no way they could ever spend $5 million but, as Burton said, "I'd like to try."

Burton and Lulu are pictured below enjoying each other's company and resting in the knowledge that they have a few extra dollars to spend on doggie ice cream.

Though the estate is currently in probate and it's not clear how much it's worth, Dorris held vast real estate holdings and investments. The trust will be handled by a conservator who will approve and reimburse Burton for Lulu's expenses. The article states that it is not clear what will happen to the money in the trust when Lulu someday passes, but hopefully she is able to live it up while she can.

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