This terrifyingly heartbreaking thread from a trans person shows just how barbaric the practices are that wokies call "affirming care"
· Jun 14, 2022 ·

Friends, I wouldn't share this with you if this ideological madness wasn't chemically castrating and surgically mutilating our children at a record pace. The hour is late and many lives hang in the balance.

Tens of millions of children are being indoctrinated with the belief that the transgender movement is progress and medical mutilation of our bodies is just "gender-affirming care."

Across the internet, groups for "detransitioners," or individuals who were put on cross-sex hormones and/or had surgery but now regret it, are exploding in record numbers. There are thousands of stories like these now.

Enter this young man, who shared Monday how he feels shattered and broken after being wrecked by activists, therapists, and doctors:

Because Twitter is censoring part of his thread (of course), I'm going to post the entirety of his statement here. I must warn you all, this is hard stuff to stomach and is obviously not appropriate for kids.

But lives hang in the balance – and if we don't talk about these things, more children are going to end up like this.

[One Last Content Warning]:

I have no sensation in my crotch region at all.

You could stab me with a knife and I wouldn't know. The entire area is numb, like it's shell shocked and unable to comprehend what happened, even 4 years on.

I tore a sutra 4 days post recovery, they promised to address it, i begged them in emails to fix it, they scorned me instead.

Years later, I have what looks like a chunk of missing flesh next to my neo-vagina, it literally looks like someone hacked at me.

They still wont fix it

No one told me that the base area of your penis is left, it can't be removed - meaning you're left with a literal stump inside that twitches.

When you take Testosterone and your libido returns, you wake up with morning wood, without the tree.

I wish this was a joke

And if you do take testosterone after being post op, you run the risk of internal hair in the neo-vagina. Imagine dealing with internal hair growth after everything?

What a choice... be healthy on Testosterone and a freak, or remain a sexless eunuch.

And thats something that will never come back and one of the reason why i got surgery.

My sex drive died about 6 months on HRT and at the time I was glad to be rid of it, but now 10 years later, Im realising what [I'm] missing out on and what I won't get back.

Because even if i had a sex drive, my neo vagina is so narrow and small, i wouldn't even be able to have sex if i wanted too.

And when I do use a small dilator, I have random pockets of sensation that only seem to pick up pain, rather than pleasure.

Any pleasure I do get comes from the Prostate that was moved forward and wrapped in glands from the penis, meaning anal sex isn['t] possible and can risk further damage.

Then theres the dreams. I dream often, that I have both sets of genitals, in the dream I'm distressed I have both, why both I think? I tell myself to wake up because I know it['s] just a dream.

And I awaken into a living nightmare.

In those moments of amnesia as I would wake, I would reach down to my crotch area expecting something that was there for 3 decades, and it's not.

My heart skips a beat, every single damn time.

Then theres the act of going to the toilet. It takes me about 10 minutes to empty my bladder, it's extremely slow, painful and because it dribbles no matter how much i relax, it will then just go all over that entire area, leaving me soake[d].

So after cleaning myself up, I will find moments later that my underwear is wet - no matter how much I wiped, it slowly drips out for the best part of an hour.

I never knew at 35 I ran the risk like smelling like p*** everywhere I went.

Now i get to the point where [I'm] detransitioned and the realisation that this is permanent is catching up with me.

During transition, I was obsessive and deeply unwell, I cannot believe they were allowed to do this to me, even after all the red flags.

I wasn't even asked if I wanted to freeze sperm or want kids. In my obsessive, deeply unwell state they just nodded along and didn['t] tell me the realities, what life would be like.

And finally, theres dilation, which is like some sort of demonic ceremony where you impale yourself for 20 agonising minutes to remind you of your own stupidity.

This isn't even the half of it. And this isn't regret either, this is grief and anger.

F*** everyone who let this happen.

When I lost 1600ml blood during surgery, it took days to get a blood transfusion.

The surgery lasted 3 hours longer.

They joked about the blood loss too.

TulipR is no less a man made in God's image than any other man. He was castrated and made a eunuch by the religious cult that rules our civilization – and he will sadly suffer for it for the rest of his life on earth – but that does not change his worth in God's eyes. Therefore, it should not change his worth in our eyes.

We always look to the horrors of the past and wish we could have stopped them. We wished we could have looked at the endless wars or the slave trade or the Nazi experiments or the gas chambers or the Tuskegee experiments and done something to change history.

Instead of looking to the past, we must realize we have that chance right now. Millions of children could be saved from this horror if we act.

We just have to be brave.

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