This Is A Real Billboard In Oregon Imploring People To "Stop Having Kids"
· Mar 26, 2022 ·

So, the radical Left in their support for abortion has been stringently anti-life for decades now. But this new branch of the movement is perhaps the most shocking and radical yet.

Billboards have been popping up around Oregon with a disastrously anti-humanity message:

Yep. This is the Brave New World next level of the left: Stop having kids.

If you go to the website listed on the billboard you'll see exactly what you expect. Radical pro-abortion, feminist, climate activist leftists telling the world why it's important that EVERYONE should stop having kids.

The official term is "anti-natalist" and they want you to know that the great evil in the world is having children.

From their Instagram:

And from Facebook:

The about page of the website is as depressing as you would imagine:

Stop Having Kids acknowledges that there is an unconscionable amount of needless suffering, injustice, and death in the world—with birth serving as the catalyst for it all. As a result, it is a moral imperative that we strive to minimize and prevent (not through coercion, pressure, or force) as many new lives as possible. We advocate focusing our time, energy, and resources that would have otherwise been allocated towards supporting new life into caring for and improving the lives of already existing people and places.

Our goal as a collective liberation movement (humans and nonhumans) is to publicize the often overlooked and misinterpreted antinatalist/vegantinatalist ideology and childfree lifestyle through a multi-layer approach. These tactics include encouraging advocacy (e.g., outreach and demonstrations), supplying people with educational resources and materials, as well as producing clothing and accessories that inspire critical thinking, reflection, validation, and positive change. All societies and cultures heavily encourage and promote having kids (rather than caring for already existing lives and mitigating harm). We are trying to do what we can to disrupt the long-term detrimental buildup of social pressure to conform to unconsidered traditions, behaviors, and ways of thinking. We want to inspire people to question acquiescing all societal norms and expectations. We promote living authentically, fearlessly, confidently, honestly, thoughtfully, and compassionately.

We lead by manifold examples helping humans and nonhuman people out; not just through monthly donations to at least one organization, but also through actions—such as donating our time and presence to have meaningful, inspirational, and mind-expanding demonstrations and dialogue with others, as well as through free food drives for humans and their companion animals, and through garbage cleanups. We seek to promote social change with positive messages and actions that can lead to higher quality living for all.

So, in the Left's worldview, the world is so screwed up they cannot in good conscience bring more people into it.

They are focused on helping human and NON-HUMAN people. What the heck is a non-human person? Is that a pet?

What they really mean by non-human person is a farm animal because they are also radical vegans. This is the definition of an anti-human movement.

It's an absolute joke and a mockery of God's creation.

Here's more from their veganism page:

We should seek to exclude—as far as is practically possible—having human children. New children will be subject to needless cruelty, potential exploitation, suffering, and death. They will likely perpetuate this cruelty, exploitation, and death towards others, whether it's done deliberately or not, and whether they become vegan or not. New children add to pollution and environmental destruction, which has far-reaching and harmful consequences that impact all living beings, present and future.

This is heartbreaking.

This may be fringe, but as we all know when it comes to the Left, the slippery slope is not a fallacy.

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