"This is gonna be the end of your cushy government bureaucratic careers": Bethany Mandel went full Tombstone on her county council over proposed vax passports ๐Ÿ”ฅ
ยท Jan 19, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Bethany out here spitting straight fire right through her computer screen... and I mean STRAIGHT FIRE:

Here's a summary of Bethany's speech if you couldn't watch:

But here's the full transcript so you can appreciate just how severe of a takedown this was:

[Warning: Looking directly at these words for too long may cause blindness because they're more nuclear than the core of the sun]

So everyone here is going to tell you why this is bad for businesses and for residents. I'm here to tell you why this is bad for you as politicians. This is gonna be the end of your cushy government bureaucratic careers.

Here's the thing. The seats for this council are up for a primary vote in June. That's the deciding election in this county. An election the only truly motivated people bother to vote in during off-election years. Unfortunately for you, you've made us care. And we've filled these speaking slots within three minutes of them opening.

For those of you who are facing term limits, we're coming for your seats. For those of you who plan to run again, we're coming for yours. This resolution is the final straw for a number of businesses, groups and individuals in this county who have seen you come close to destroying everything they've built.

They're willing to put money behind getting a council who won't try to bankrupt them and, by extension, the county. If you're a business or individual looking to make change, contact me. And if you're interested in running for one of these seats, contact me too.

We've started contacting lawyers about a legal challenge to this poorly thought out law if you pass it. The SCOTUS just knocked down the OSHA mandate. Do you want the black eye involved in national tension on this amateur attempt at lawmaking?

They'll ask you, "Who's responsible for determining exemptions? Why require a five-year-old to be vaccinated for an indoor playground but not require them in senior centers?" It's a joke, but so are you.

What's the objective here? The vaccine doesn't stop transmission. The county is already one of the most vaccinated in the country. The burden is on you to prove that this is necessary. And it's not.

Get back to doing what you do best: Passing meaningless statements of support for made-up holidays. Go to cut some ribbons outside shopping malls. Go talk to a disgruntled residents about sidewalks or biplanes. Better yet, deal with the astronomical increase in crime in this county instead of putting police resources to enforcing this mandate, before we have a vaccine mandate version of Eric Garner.

This kind of mandate is wholly inappropriate and not within your job descriptions, even if you call yourself the Board of Health. You're unskilled bureaucrats and nothing more. Stay in your lane.

Those councilors should be absolutely shaking in their boots.

For reference, here's why Bethany took out her flamethrower:

Starting Saturday โ€” if approved by then โ€” the program would require all customers 12 and older to show proof of having a first COVID-19 vaccine shot at certain establishments. Customers 12 and older would have to show proof of having received all doses โ€” except booster shots โ€” starting Feb. 15. Starting March 1, the requirement would apply to all customers 5 and older.

"Vaccine passports" were already a terrible idea. They make even less sense now, given that they do not stop transmission. And they make not a solitary shred of sense in "one of the most vaccinated [counties] in the country."

If those guys were planning on passing these ridiculous rules before yesterday... it might be a bad idea.

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