This is Google's homepage right now
· May 22, 2023 ·

Americana Aesthetics took the words right out of my mouth!

This is really Google's homepage today:

If there was a picture summing up why I spend every moment of the day fighting against this rainbow-religion-of-conquest, this would be a good candidate.

Here's the rainbow warrior Google wants to celebrate:

Barbara May Cameron's 69th Birthday

Today's Doodle celebrates Hunkpapa Lakota Native American activist, photographer, and writer, Barbara May Cameron. She was nationally recognized as a leading human rights activist for women, LGBTQ, and Native American rights.

Her 69th birthday? Watch out, Elon! Google is coming for your sense of humor!

You know the commie interns at their corporate HQ were salivating over this one.


So this woman was a far-left sex activist who contributed to a book with the subtitle Writings by Radical Women of Color, served on Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition at the DNC, and pushed for lesbianism in native communities.

Sounds like those folxs at Google are super objective. Good thing they aren't tracking tens of millions of you on your Android phones, or have complete control of major corporate file-sharing/email, or control massive amounts of web traffic and advertising.

Oh wait...

Meanwhile, here's Google every time it's Easter or the birthday of anyone even remotely non-woke:

I know what the Google homepage could really use!

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