This is featured on ESPN's front page for July 4th...
· Jul 4, 2022 ·

In case you've forgotten, ESPN is now hopelessly woke and completely out-of-touch with the average American sports fan.

And just to prove how insane the outlet has become, they published this story from Howard Bryant on the 4th of July:

Yes, this column appeared on the front page of ESPN's website on Independence Day. Baseball, barbecue, and LOSING FREEDOM!

They had to throw the word "baseball" in there to make it somehow sports-related, I guess.

The article is completely bonkers.

Grilling, baseball and fireworks, first replaced by symbols -- and now by a country tearing itself completely apart. July 4, 2022, falls in the midst of devastation. It is Independence Day in America with independence under current and relentless assault. From Miranda rights to the environment, to the separation of church and state, to guns -- so many guns -- people are reeling.

Oh no! The Supreme Court upheld constitutional rights EVERYONE recognized until a few decades ago?

How will the country survive?

The U.S. Supreme Court has run a chain saw through what two generations of Americans had known to be the legal baselines of their lives. Tens of millions of women today do not feel freedom and certainly are not celebrating independence. The people who can become pregnant who feel celebratory toward the Court may do so from the victory of their position, but it nevertheless remains true that the power of choice -- and the right to privacy -- has been taken from all of them.

Even the people who celebrate the decision are hurt by it! Bryant is so filled with compassion!

Bryant is such a great champion for women, as Clay Travis points out:

You look at the Betsy Ross flag, and then you look at it again. As a kid it was your favorite version of the American flag because the 13 stars in a circle looked kind of cool, reminded you of "Schoolhouse Rock!"-- the old Saturday morning cartoon. As an adolescent, you associated the 13 circular stars with sports -- Dr. J, Andrew Toney and the Philadelphia 76ers. Today, as an adult, you see how the flag has been co-opted by white nationalist groups, some of the same ones who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Someone call Kaepernick! People are using the racist Betsy Ross flag!

You just knew, even before reading the story, that January 6th would make an appearance in this article.

He goes on for literal paragraphs on January 6th and the hearings. It's quite sad, honestly.

Then he gets back to complaining about the abortion decision, and how abortion actually helps men just as much as women. Because, you know, killing your children is one way to advance your career.

Some prominent male athletes offered public support, as did the social media accounts of some teams, but you think about the players, the teams, the games, and all of the performative nature of support. Just the word support is incorrect, for it suggests the abortion option did not affect men, was not their fight. You think of the hideous mendacity of it all, that Roe saved the futures of as many men as it did women. Careers continued. Dreams were not derailed. Privacies were maintained. You think about the enormous gap between the fashionable statements, where the adversaries profit by saying the right things, and the actually committed people who will march and support and do the work. And while you contemplate another example of gaslighting in this country, it reminds you of USA Today columnist Nancy Armour's piercing question the day Dobbs replaced Roe: Where are all the girl dads?

This is ESPN y'all. Not Slate. Not MSNBC. Not CNN.

What has happened to our sports media?

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