Our boy Woke Preacher Clips just put together a must-read thread on "the equality gospel" and how it's ruining churches today
· Jul 4, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Woke Preacher Clips takes clips from woke sermons and puts them on Twitter to comment on and critique false teachings.

As one who is probably the most experienced in hearing woke preachers, he breaks down exactly how he views this wokeness infiltrating the church as a new gospel, the "equality gospel," or "the gospel of Cain."

Read his thoughts here:

The prosperity gospel says God will give you your heart's desire from his bounty, which is true in a sense. The equality gospel says God will give you your heart's desire by cutting down the wicked, which is true in a sense. But with both, our hearts' desires remain wicked.

How different would the "social justice" debate be if we took 1 Timothy 6:8 seriously: "If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content."

Have you ever taken inventory of how much more we have than food and clothing? And yet we say others having more is "injustice"!

The equality gospel says you have a "right" to consume other people's labor/services, and another group of people must pay for it. (At the same time, most equality gospel preachers will mock the concept of rights inherent to your person, even ones protected by the law of God)

Examples: This IVP-published author and professor (not at Biola, this was a guest speech) says if two neighborhoods have publicly-funded schools, but one is poorer than the other, we have violated the "least of these" commands in Matthew 25.

Matthew 25 is pretty explicit in its commands. If someone lacks food, water, shelter, clothing, or companionship (in prison), *we ourselves* give those to them. No middleman required. (And that's not even getting into the omission of "these brothers of mine" in most teachings).

Examples: The equality gospel says you should be unsatisfied with the amount of money coming from the public treasury to a particular demographic's multimedia productions.

And the principle often gets stretched into areas of the immaterial. Here, a speaker at Thabiti Anyabwile's "Just Gospel" conference insinuates that guarding a church's doctrine from error is a form of ethnic inequality:

Here, a 9 Marks author specifically says that Christians of different phenotypes still have a "wall" between them (contra Ephesians 2) because one demographic has food and covering but less wealth on average than another demographic.

The "equality gospel," as WPC coins it, is just wokeness under the guise of charity. And wokeness, as we know, is simply socialism and Marxist redistributionism under the guise of compassion and racial justice.

Just like the prosperity gospel, it is a false gospel that spits in the face of God.

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