Balloonhead Gavin Newsom makes July 4th ad to convince Floridians to move to California 🥴
· Jul 4, 2022 ·

This is a real ad from Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Yes... remember how Ron DeSantis crushed people's right to make their own healthcare decisions, shut down churches and businesses, suppressed people's right to free speech by prosecuting anyone who didn't believe his ideologies, attacked people's freedom of religion, made everyone in the state wear religious facial coverings, stoked fear, hurt children by letting groomers into schools, and encouraged crime while penalizing anyone who pointed out that the Second Amendment is a thing?

Oh wait, Ron DeSantis gave power back to parents, followed the actual science, upheld the Constitution, protected God-given rights, and worked to protect kids (both born and preborn) – all while Gavin Newsom was holding fancy maskless parties at expensive restaurants.

Over 360,000 people left California in 2021 alone. People are literally moving to Mexico to get out. Crime is out of control and everything is insanely expensive.

Californians are also fleeing for Florida and Texas – anywhere to get out of the dystopia where they're forced to pay most of their salary in taxes to dodge used needles, gangs, and human waste as they take their kid to a classroom run by a pedophile.

Here's a handy map of what states people are fleeing and where they are moving. Notice the big red state on the left.

Huh. Seems like all the states people are leaving are run by activist leftists like Newsom.

And here's a U.S. Census map detailing the moves by county in 2021. Notice L.A. and San Francisco.

But back to Newsom's pitch to Floridians.

Let's move past the fact that Florida's 15-week abortion ban is actually more liberal than France's 14-week ban (please run an ad telling the French that they are tyrants, Gavin!).

Notice that Gavin has a bunch of red, white and blue in his ad (along with a few rainbow flags for his official state religion).

Tell me, does Old Glory stand for shutting down worship services indefinitely? Or would everyone since 1776 onward associate that flag with protecting and honoring religious liberty?

Oh, and what sounds more American: Banning "To Kill A Mockingbird" in California (a book that calls out the evils of racism), or banning school books in Florida that are trying to make our kids racist commies who hate their country?

Feel free to check out the other receipts on our site that detail what DeSantis has done over just the last 2 years of the pandemic and decide for yourself which leader best represents the Stars & Stripes.

In my opinion, Newsom might be in a running gun battle with Justin Trudeau for the most entitled, insecure, narcissistic tyrant in the world.

(But what do you expect from a guy who nearly shot his camera crew with a kid's gun?)

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