This is the most inexplicable laughter I've ever heard in my life. Seriously, how do you laugh in this scenario?
· Jun 23, 2021 ·

A video went viral this week, and if the subject matter weren't shocking enough, the reaction of those involved is really what stood out to me. The video shows a pilot landing a small plane somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Australia, when a HUGE huntsman spider shows up on the cockpit ceiling.

Inexplicably, the pilot and co-pilot can be heard laughing hysterically as they attempt to land the plane. To make matters worse, the spider actually drops from the ceiling right as the plane is hitting the runway, and yet the laughing ensues. Not one scream of shock, just...laughter. I guess they must be used to this sort of thing, lol, but I'm definitely not.

Take a look yourself. This is the stuff nightmares are made of for us Americans!

[Language warning]

Seriously, who are these people!? How in the world is this the proper reaction to such a scenario? If I had been in that cockpit, all you would have heard was a grown man screaming like a little girl and the sound of the plane crashing and blowing up. Reminds me, subtly, of the classic Ron White plane crash sketch. If you've never seen're in for a goodie. Enjoy!

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