To the lefties driving this economic madness: LINE OFFICIALLY CROSSED
ยท Sep 9, 2021 ยท

The rampant inflation and employment mess created by leftist lockdowns and Covid policies has OFFICIALLY gone too far.

CBS News cited numerous Chick-fil-A locations in Alabama that are currently struggling to keep their locations open while dealing with a lack of an adequate number of workers in their restaurants. One Chick-fil-A location in Bessemer, Alabama wrote in a notice that was posted on their Facebook account that they were in the "midst of a staffing crisis." They added, "Our team members are exhausted and there is no relief for them in our roster." Despite not having enough individuals on their staff, the location noted that they would continue drive-thru and mobile ordering services.

While the Bessemer, Alabama location shared that they weren't doing well amid this staffing crisis, others are apparently worse off. At another Alabama location, in Calera, posted on their Facebook account that they were also dealing with this issue while trying to stay open to serve customers. The location wrote on social media, "You may have noticed that we have closed our dining room, turned off curbside delivery and limited the amount of catering orders we will accept. This was done to help reduce the stress on our team."

The same has been happening at other fast food restaurants across the nation. No doubt you've seen signs trying to entice workers with higher wages and benefits, which is inevitably going to make your favorite fast-food lunch a lot more expensive.

Brad Johnson, the location's operator, spoke to CBS News about the worker shortages facing his Chick-fil-A restaurant and many others. He explained that his restaurant has seen far fewer individuals applying for jobs. Additionally, when they have hired new workers, they have accepted the offer "only to resign within their first couple weeks."

For some reason โ€“ certainly not that the government has been paying healthy people to stay home to avoid a virus that statistically targets sick, elderly individuals โ€“ people keep quitting to collect unemployment and these restaurants remain so short staffed that they are being forced to CLOSE.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I definitely know that a mass Chick-Fil-A shutdown is probably, maybe the fastest way to start a new civil war!

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