This is what courage looks like...

Mar 13th

That is one brave young WOMAN!

A thing happened on Twitter yesterday where people who had come out of the transgender lifestyle were celebrating with the hashtag #DetransAwarenessDay.

I can only imagine the bravery it must take to leave the transgender lifestyle — it's a religion, really — and go back to living as the sex God made you, the Woke Monster chasing you the whole way out.

Children are pressured into becoming transgender and "transitioning" at an early age, lured with immediate praise and accolades, immediately awarded personal virtues such as "brave," "fearless," "authentic," "progressive."

To leave that lifestyle and admit it was a huge mistake is a major threat to those still in it and the culture at large that worships it.

I would bet transgender apostates from the West and Muslim apostates from Pakistan could sit down for a convo and have more in common than they'd think.

Here are some more of the de-transitioned and unashamed from the hashtag:

Cheers to brave humans.


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