This woman married an actual rag doll and they had a beautiful baby to welcome into clown world
ยท Jun 22, 2022 ยท

No, this isn't a pitch for a new horror story.

This is a real-life woman in Brazil who has decided that she wanted to marry a rag doll her mother made for her.

And they're starting a "family."

It's been a good run, civilization. I'm sorry it had to end this way.

The 37-year-old Brazilian woman has documented her whole love story on TikTok. The end of human civilization is being broadcast for all to see.

Go watch the videos, they are creepy as heck.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, from Brazil, met the love of her life after complaining to her mum about being single and having nobody to dance with.

Her mum created Marcelo the ragdoll and it was love at first sight, as the pair enjoyed a whirlwind romance.

This poor 37-year-old woman couldn't get a date so her mom made her a rag doll boyfriend, as a joke I'm sure, and this lady has decided to base her whole life around the fake romance.

However after only a few months Meirivone found herself 'pregnant'.

But not wanting to have a baby out of wedlock, the pair decided to get married in a ceremony which was attended by 250 people.


I'm glad that Marcelo the rag doll is old-fashioned enough to marry a girl once he gets her pregnant.

Having spent their week-long honeymoon at a beach house in Rio de Janeiro, the couple waited anxiously until their offspring arrived.

She 'gave birth' in just 35 minutes at home, with a doctor and nurse on site, while livestreaming the event to an audience of 200 people.

Her TikTok has 132,000 followers and 200 people watched this woman "give birth" to a baby rag doll live.

I'm just wondering why the earth hasn't been flooded again yet. That dang rainbow!

Despite living happily as a family, Merivone says she is struggling to pay the bills as the only breadwinner.

Meirivone said: 'It was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional.

'He is a man I always wanted in my life. Married life with him is wonderful. He doesn't fight with me, he doesn't argue and he just understands me.

'Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man and all women envy him.'

This woman found her ideal man. No backbone. Won't talk back. He just sits and listens.

Sure, she has to hold him up to keep him from flopping over. But that's a small price to pay, I guess.

Just in case it wasn't yet clear, this woman is crazy:

'He got me pregnant. I took the test โ€“ it was positive. I couldn't believe it.'

As for the labour, Meirivone claims that she really experienced giving birth, although it is not clear why.

She said: 'I didn't feel the contractions in pain.'

Despite it being physically impossible, she claims that it was like a real birth.

'Seeing the placenta and the umbilical cord and the blood made it all real,' she said.

'He was here in 35 minutes and he is great. It really upsets me when people say this is fake. It makes me so angry.

'I am a woman of character. My father, my mother taught me to be honest, to be a good person and not want to take advantage of anything.'

The photos of Merivone and her unique "husband" and "child" are so creepy, I feel it's important to give you a warning now.

Here's the "happy couple" at their wedding:

This is Merivone "pregnant" with Marcelo's baby:

Here they are at dinner:

You know, maybe that "baby bump" being sported is because she's ordering two plates of food for only one real person.

From this photo you can tell that Marcelo went to see Top Gun this summer. Since he's sporting the Miles Teller 'stache and all.

And here's a photo after the "delivery" of her and Marcelo's "child:


I'd say he takes after his daddy, wouldn't you?

This is all very creepy.

But hey, it's Pride month. And love is love.

Who are we to judge?

(Just kidding, this is sad and sick.)

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