Florida woman spends 3 WEEKS wandering Delray Beach's sewer system after getting lost down there and I have questions.
· Mar 26, 2021 · NottheBee.com

A woman was rescued from a storm drain in Delray Beach after she had wandered through the city's sewer system for three weeks after getting lost in a tunnel in early March.

A passerby found the lady on Atlantic Avenue, a popular Delray Beach street, sitting unclothed in a sewer around 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

The woman was reported missing after she went for a swim in a canal near her boyfriend's house in west Delray Beach and did not return.

Here is a quick map I put together to understand the distance she traveled via sewer. Now, I am not sure the exact spot she disappeared from but as a former Delray Beach resident, I can assure you that the sewer system is not a recommended way to get to Atlantic Ave (even on the weekends).

Turns out, she told the police that she got lost after coming across a doorway near the shallow part of the canal and decided to ENTER IT. She told investigators she was curious as to where it led. She continued to move from one tunnel to another until she realized she was lost. She was in the sewer for THREE WEEKS!!!

She eventually found a spot with light and waited there as she could see people walking past her, yelling up to them until she was found.

According to the Palm Beach Post article, an older relative told police investigators that the woman has struggled with drug addiction. The relative said that the woman has a history of making bad decisions when she is using drugs.


White said the woman did not elaborate on whether she had eaten anything during the ordeal but told investigators she found an unopened bottle of ginger ale in the storm drain and drank from that.

HOW DID SHE SURVIVE? It's truly a miracle. Swimming in the canal alone is a death sentence, then add three more weeks of living in the sewers without food! Doesn't make sense. Here are a few things recently found in South Florida canals (besides the lady):

As far as what she ate and drank, honestly, I don't think I wanna know.

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