This little girl got stuck in a claw machine after her sister convinced her to climb in and steal some stuffed animals
· Dec 22, 2022 ·

Okay this is an absolute classic right here out of Australia.


Yup, these twin sisters were hanging with mom and dad at the pub when one of them dared the other to climb into the claw machine and grab a few teddy bears. Girl decides, "sure, I'll do it," gets into the machine and then cannot find her way back out.


And thank you mum for getting this on tape:




I love this because I was always the one daring my little brother to do these kinds of things.

Those were the days!

Thankfully, the parent was able to save Poppy by having her sit down in the machine and then gently yanking her through the opening she had squeezed herself in through.

Once again, great job, mum!

Here's the full story with more footage of our little teddy bear thief:

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