Police say this driver is on tape crushing a mother and daughter at 70mph in a city crosswalk and he is already out on bond
· Feb 26, 2024 · NottheBee.com

How is our justice system this broken?

I'm going to show you the tape of this vehicular homicide that occurred on Valentine's Day, of all days. It is horrific. This mother and daughter were literally deleted. The perp is going so fast that they had no time to react. Within a single frame, they disappear, their bodies thrown like rag dolls down the street.

I found a blurred version for you:

Yes, that man - the man on tape crushing the bones of a mother and daughter, reducing them to human pulp on the pavement, was QUICKLY RELEASED ON BOND BY A ST. LOUIS JUDGE.

Chicagoan 42-year-old Laticha Bracero and her daughter 21-year-old Alyssa Cordova were in town for the Drake concert, which let out shortly before the women were struck while walking near Enterprise Center on North 18th and Olive streets.

Officers said Henderson was running red lights when he sideswiped the front end of another vehicle at North 18th and Olive streets. His Jeep rotated clockwise and hit Bracero and Cordova, who were walking on the crosswalk. The Jeep continued to move until it T-boned another vehicle.

According to court documents, data retrieved from the Jeep indicated that the car was traveling at speeds in excess of 70 mph prior to violating the red traffic signal.

The perp, identified by police as 22-year-old Monte Henderson, was released after posting 10% of a $200,000 bail.

This is a trend for St. Louis:

Janae Edmondson was only 17 when a black perp with 90 bond violations crashed into her, causing her to lose both legs. The perp was out on bond AGAIN following an armed robbery charge. As a violent repeat offender awaiting trail, he should have never been out on the streets, but in an effort not to appear racist and to enact Marxist "equity," St. Louis has decided to play games with innocent lives.

In this most recent story, the family of the victims was stunned by Henderson's release:

Rivera reached out to 5 On Your Side in reaction to the bond release with this statement:

'My family is not being allowed time to grieve and we haven't even figured out how to bring Lety and Alyssa home yet and we are at a loss as to how a man can take 2 lives and be out on bond 2 days later able to sit at home with his family. We have MANY questions and demand answers. The police department has failed to reach out to us and the states attorneys office has provided inaccurate information. This man should NOT have been able to go home after ONLY 2 days and he took 2 lives. We don't know if he had a driver's license, we don't know if he was under the influence, we don't know his criminal history, we don't know if he's a flight risk, we don't know if he had vehicle insurance. My family demands accountability from everyone everywhere. The driver, the police department, the states attorneys office, the venue, traffic control etc.'

So many people don't understand that this is the result of Marxism. Criminals, especially those with darker skin tones, have their behavior excused because the woke justice system says their actions are the result of "oppression" and aren't their responsibility.

Since the system sees these people as 1) not accountable for their actions and 2) historically oppressed, it gives them privileges like reduced bail, delayed trials, and lesser penalties. The belief is that these oppressed offenders should be given second, third - even tenth - chances to balance out the racism/bigotry they have experienced in life.

... Even if that means innocent women like Lety and Alyssa have to be sacrificed for the cause.

A GoFundMe to return their bodies to Chicago for burial is here.

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