This man was arrested for faking heart attacks to skip out on the bill at a fancy restaurant. Police say he's done this TWENTY times!
· Oct 19, 2023 ·

In the comedy biz, we call this "commitment to the bit."

When you're this guy we just call it a serial crime.

Spanish police have just arrested a man who they say faked a heart attack in order to get out of paying his bill at a fancy restaurant. And apparently, this is far from his first attempt.

According to police, this Lithuanian man living in Spain has pulled this stunt TWENTY times.


Police were called when the man tried to fool the staff at the restaurant El Buen Corner into believing he was having a heart attack AFTER the staff already caught him trying to dine and dash.

He didn't just pull the heart attack out at the table. He tried to sneak out, then he was caught. Then he said he had to go to his hotel to get his wallet. They didn't buy it.

Then he dramatically flopped on the floor, claiming to have a heart attack.

The ruse fooled absolutely no one.

The police were called, immediately recognized the man from his previous attempted thefts, and brought him back to jail again.

But the man doesn't seem to care. At all.

According to EFE, which cited an officer who had arrested the man on four previous occasions, he orders expensive items like lobster, entrecote, and premium whiskeys.

The officer, who was not named, noted that the man usually greeted officers with a smile and appeared unfazed about spending a night or two behind bars.

He's like the town drunk or something.

He just hops out of jail, goes back to his heart attack bit, gets thrown in jail, and then repeats the whole cycle again.

This guy is such a hooligan...

I'm kind of starting to like him.

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