This might be AOC's most hilarious tweet of all time
· Nov 18, 2022 ·

"Tax the rich!"

You gotta love it.

(She's referring to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, by the way.)

Yes, AOC, one of us working people, comrades!

She's just like you and me!

The average American is out here barely living paycheck-to-paycheck with ballooning credit-card debt while AOC is wearing designer clothes, appearing on late-night TV, and attending the Met Gala, but you know, she's one of us!

Let's not forget that AOC gets to drive her nice Tesla while you're trying to figure out how you'll afford that rusted-out 2002 Honda Odyssey with 300,000 miles that now costs $20,000 because of inflation!

Just a normal lady from Brooklyn.

Power to the people! ✊

If only we had taxed wealthy people (like AOC), then we could have stopped a man from using his hard-earned money to buy a company in the free market.

The money could have gone to the wonderful federal government, which would have used it for noble causes, like extra guns for the IRS or some more photo shoots for the Ukrainian president!

Of course, we have to make sure our celebrated freedom fighters are exempt from those tax rules. It's only fair.

Some replies to her tweet:

I'll let Elon have the last word since AOC can't stop obsessing over him:

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