This Missouri college is currently celebrating "Womynx History Month" ... whatever that means
· Mar 4, 2022 ·

It's getting really hard to keep up with all these new terms the cultural Marxists keep making up.

This new slang comes from Northwest Missouri State University, in a tweet that's since been deleted:


So I guess, uhh, Happy Womynx History Month....?

Is that what you're supposed to say now?

Because I've been saying this at work, and everyone keeps laughing at me for some reason.

Is it a joke? Maybe it's a joke. No?

Oh, here we go. Looks like the university explains it here:

Okay, wait, wait, wait... now I'm even more confused.

Is it "womynx" or "womxn"?

I'm starting to get worried. I mean, what if I'm saying it wrong?

Goodness, what if I accidentally say, "Women's History Month"?!?!

That would be, like, really bad!

Since the university failed to explain their reasoning for the strange spelling of what we think means "woman," Fox News fills us in:

Phrases such as "womyn" and "womxn" are popular with feminist groups who use the different spellings to avoid what they perceive to be sexism.

"Generally, womxn is used by people who consider themselves progressive, and are well-intentioned—if not sometimes misguided—in their inclusivity," an explanation on states. "Womyn, on the other hand, has become an anti-trans term used by radical ‘feminists' who incorrectly believe that trans inclusivity invalidates their plight. Their view of gender (that gender = genitals at birth) is reductive and harmful."

Oh no!

So is Northwest Missouri State progressive, or are they radical feminists?

I guess we'll never know.

Either way, happy Women's History Month, people.

If that's even still a thing.

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