This OB-GYN doesn't even know what a woman is... this makes me scared to go to the doctor
· Nov 16, 2022 ·

I think of all the things that intersectional wokeness has ruined, the scariest thing has to be the medical community.

Here's a supposed real-life OB-GYN who is bizarrely singing about how not all people who have vaginas and uteruses are women.




It's the sing-songy response that puts me over the edge.

Y'all are exhaaaausting! You are exhausting!

By "Y'all" she means people in her comments who know the difference between men and women.

You know, normal people.

Like every sane person on the planet over the age of 1 across all of human history.

I am a mother. You are a mother. WE like to be called mothers. But not all people who have vaginas and uteruses identify as women. And that's okay.

As a matter of fact, it's not okay.

It's not okay for women to pretend to be men. Sorry.

We can have compassion on them, sure. But reality doesn't change because people feel a certain way inside.

Using language that includes everyone is like a hug. What is wrong with your brain?

The irony of a women's "doctor" 1) not knowing the difference between men and women and 2) telling us that we have something wrong with our brains when we think its bad to lie about other people's mental illnesses is insane.

If your doctor uses "inclusive" language and bows to the whims of the woke ideologues, let me just say I think you should find a new doctor.

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