Could education BE any more left-wing? Check out this "geography" question on an AP test!
· Nov 2, 2023 ·

Okay, before I get into the details let's ALL take this test question together!

Here's the question exactly as it appeared on the College Board's Advanced Placement practice test. See if you can answer it.

Did you figure it out?

A chart shows the birth rate and death rate by country for five countries. And you have to figure out from THAT which country has the MOST "female empowerment."

Yes, this GEOGRAPHY(!!) question implied that the fewer babies born, the more women empowered.

This is weird, considering the female superpower IS birthing baby humans.

Our education has been so influenced by the Feminazis that it is assumed that a high school student entering college might know that women having fewer babies is a sign of a pro-woman country!

It's anti-human propaganda in the form of, again, a "geography" AP question.

Elon recently had a great insight into what he sees as the battle of today's world and it fits in here nicely:

There's pro-human and anti-human. All the propagandists, educators, and politicians seem to be on one side.

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