This story about the IRS raiding a girl's piggybank at age 11 should scare the pants off you because there will be 87,000 new agents looking for ways to take your money
· Aug 12, 2022 ·

Remember when 13 colonies rebelled against the King of England over unjust taxes?

Good times, good times.

Before any of you get salty with me and say that the colonists ACKSHUALLY rebelled because they had no representation, not over taxes themselves, I should note that Great Britain at her height could only have dreamed of the bureaucratic Swamp of unelected officials who work for the establishment elite controlled by special interests in modern-day America.

Yes, we have representation in America now. In theory, at least. In actuality, most politicians work for the Capital these days, happy to pay lip service to the Districts before sending us all to the Hunger Games.

The creation of 87,000 more IRS agents to audit the masses is proof of the unquenchable thirst of the government, which is expanding its size and debt faster than the reaches of the actual universe itself.

Let this woman explain why you should be utterly terrified:

There are thousands of stories like this. Just read some of the replies.

And there are millions of people, like me, who have barely felt represented in Washington for a day of our lives.

Now the same establishment calling us domestic extremists and conspiracy theorists and driving up the cost of everything by wasting our tax money with stupid spending decisions wants to find a way to take even more of our money to cover their stupidity and greed.

Do you think the IRS is ever going to give up any of its power or trim any fat off its own operations, or is it just going to keep getting a bigger stick to use against anyone it wants?

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