This thread on Christian Nationalism vs. Christian Federalism is the one you've been looking for
· · Jan 26, 2023 ·

I understand that my audience for this topic is rather limited, so if you clicked through, welcome.


I was browsing Twitter like I do, and I came across this excellent thread by Josh Daws, host of "The Great Awokening" podcast, on the issue of Christian Nationalism.

The term has increasingly been used as a boogeyman by the media and politicians that want you to remain faithful to the secular/woke faith by making you think that Jesus-following weirdos are going to instigate The Handmaid's Tale if we re-institute an acknowledgement of God Almighty as the foundation of our society.

Many books have been written to try and separate true society founded on Christian ideals – which has made Western civilization and all of modern life possible – and the brand of hyper-nationalism that co-opts Christian teachings for political causes.

This thread is a bit long, but let's be honest: If you're here, you probably already have a cup of coffee and your favorite Bible translation handy, so here we go!

My thoughts on the matter can be summed up by the slightly-less-cool Joel B. over at The Babylon Bee:

This is a great distinction between the Deus Vult crowd that wants to return to a more medieval order of Christian homogeny where Church and State are married...

And those who wish to recreate a system where the Gospel can grow deep roots in society as an active part of politics and culture (building on the framework those before us have laid), but with a separation of powers that does not allow any man or entity to misuse the name and kingdom of Christ for a particular worldly cause.

If you like it, the term is free to use. Get out there this Sunday and go tell your pastors about the merits of Christian Federalism!

(Some of you face a greater challenge than others 😭)


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