This video of a fourth-grade teacher explaining how her queerness has rubbed off on some of her students has got to be satire, right? ... Right?
· May 7, 2022 ·

Yo Libs of TikTok, please tell me you found this video on The Babylon Bee's YouTube page or something like that and not from an actual teacher on TikTok…

This cannot possibly be real.

What's that?

Works for a public charter school in Utah?

Wow. Honestly, I thought this was satire.

Check it out:

"My kids from last year are now in fifth grade and they come and visit almost every day after school. And a lot of them are queer, because I am queer and they've figured it out and so I've become their safe space…These kids, I'm so happy that they are figuring out who they are and they're happy with who they are and that they've found a safe space. But man, I could never imagine being in fifth grade saying these things out loud, even though I know they're all okay. I grew up super religious where nothing was okay, and so seeing this happen I'm like ‘AHHH' but I'm also like ‘yay,' but ‘AHHH'"

So our kids are most definitely being groomed IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and teachers are literally assisting them in becoming queer, whatever that means.

And the bit about playing Guess Who with the kids and describing the female character as "a lesbian baddie who's going to come over and make you dinner"? Yeah, I bet that's really good for the kids.

What's this lady on, anyways?

Because I'm pretty sure she took way too much Adderall that morning.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention...

Get your kids out of public schools!

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