Three Missouri men broke into an abandoned jail, accidentally locked themselves in a cell, called 911 for help, then went to a real jail.
· Nov 20, 2023 ·

Three St. Louis trespassers broke into a recently shuttered prison affectionately known as "The Workhouse" to loot the place.

The Workhouse closed down in 2022 amid allegations of inhumane conditions and has sat empty ever since. Since the building was recently closed, however, there was a lot of valuable stuff that hadn't been moved out.

You can see in this exploration video that there are computers and TVs still ripe for the taking, which is probably what attracted the three guys in question:

However, as the three men explored and looted the building, they accidentally locked themselves inside one of the cells.

Luckily, the trio had smuggled in their cellphones, most likely baked into a cake by one of the boys' sweethearts on the outside, which weren't really practical for getting out of the cell.

But the phones were useful for calling help.

The trespassers dialed 911.

Can you imagine that call?

"Hello, police? We're locked in a prison cell.

"Can you come let us out?"

Police responded and were able to help the boys transfer from the closed prison to an open one.

They were arrested and booked on trespassing, property damage, burglary, and stealing.

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