Time to forget about "Latinx": The new way to refer to Hispanic men and women is officially "Latine" 😂
· May 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I tell you, folks, for my money there will never be anything quite so funny as Elizabeth Warren awkwardly mumbling the ridiculous woke ethnonym Latinx as "Latin-x" (or maybe it's "Latin-icks," it's hard to tell):

Alas, that gender-neutral term used to describe Latino people—a term so universally reviled that even Latino people despise it—appears to be on the way out in favor of...well, a new gender-neutral term:

New York University's LGBTQ+ Center announced via Instagram that the university would be holding a slew of "Cultural and Identity-Based Graduation Celebrations" to "acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students of color and LGBTQ+ students."

Among the celebrations listed was an event titled "Latine Grad."

"Latine" is a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to "Latino," similar to "Latinx."

It's happening, baby! "Latine" will be the hot new buzzword of summer 2022. Everybody will be saying it, and by "everybody" I mean like two dozen people in various liberal arts programs around the country, and literally nobody else.

Also, yes, it is hard to overstress just how opposed actual Latino people are to using these ridiculous, clumsy modifiers:

A 2020 survey conducted by Pew Research found that only about a quarter of American Hispanics are familiar with "Latinx" and just 3% actively use the term to identify themselves. Of those who knew the term, 65% believe that Latinx should not be used to describe the Latino community.

I dunno, it seems like these are exactly 100% the types of people to decide if "Latinx" or "Latine" should actually obtain widespread usage. Never fear, however: Woke white people are determined to press forward with this, and they're not going to give up!

The era of "Latine" has officially begun!

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