Look at the NYT's insane new headline about Elon Musk
· May 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I promise this is 100% real.

Look at that. A publication that use to be the world's leading newspaper is now doing its best to paint the world's richest man as a brutal racist from childhood because he wants to make free speech cool again.

Look at the word choice in that tweet alone:

  • "Elite white communities"
  • "Detached from apartheid's atrocities"
  • "Surrounded by anti-Black propaganda"

They want you to think that Musk – a man who has build his fortune building electric cars and next-gen spaceships – is actually a racist at heart.

And within the framework of Critical Race Theory, of course he is, because within that framework you're automatically racist if you're white.

It is this premise that The Times starts with, displaying no sense of objective journalism in this clear hit piece (this ISN'T labelled as an opinion piece!!!).

"It's telling — white kids were insulated from the harsh reality of it," said Terence Beney, who is white and graduated with Mr. Musk from Pretoria Boys High School in 1988.

Yes, while a billion things are going on, The Times focused its resources on interviewing random people from Elon Musk's high school.


Classmates at two high schools he attended described him as a loner with no close friends. None offered recollections of things he said or did that revealed his views on the politics of the time. But Black schoolmates recall that he spent time with Black friends.

(Having black friends still makes you a racist in CRT, tho. Nice try, Elon!)

I look forward to The Times interviewing random former classmates from my high school when they decide to write an article about me!

Mr. Musk left South Africa shortly after graduation at 17 to go to college in Canada, barely ever looking back. He did not respond to emails requesting comment about his childhood.

Ah, so he left apartheid behind, right?

NOPE! Actually, he's been a neo-Nazi sleeper agent under our noses this whole time! Designing rockets to fly to Mars was all an elaborate ruse!

From one of the authors of this piece:

"Unchecked speech" 🤡

(The article literally notes how the South African government used to black out entire sections of the newspapers)

Elon's father defended him, which only proves how racist the entire family is.

Mr. Musk's father, Errol Musk, said in an interview with The New York Times that Elon, his brother and sister were aware from a young age that there was something wrong with the apartheid system. Errol, who was elected to the Pretoria City Council in 1972, said they would ask him about the laws prohibiting Black people from patronizing restaurants, movie theaters and beaches. They had to make calculations when they were going out with nonwhite friends about what they could safely do, he said.

"As far as being sheltered from it, that's nonsense. They were confronted by it every day," recalled Errol, who said he belonged to the anti-apartheid Progressive Party. He added, "They didn't like it."

Still, Errol offered a description of their lives that underscored how removed they were from the country's violent reality.

Another random classmate is here to prove it.

"We were really clueless as white South African teenagers. Really clueless," said Melanie Cheary, a classmate of Mr. Musk's during the two years he spent at Bryanston High School in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg...

The apartheid system created a distinction among white people, specifically between those who spoke Afrikaans and those who spoke English, like Mr. Musk's family. While political power lay with the Afrikaners — the perfecters of apartheid who descended from Dutch, German and French settlers — English-speaking white South Africans enjoyed wealth that felt to some like a birthright, Ms. Cheary said.

"We were the white, English-speaking elite of the world," she said. "It was literally our kingdom."


See, this random woman who attended the same school as Elon says his family spoke English, and because this woman considered the white English speakers the elite of the world, that Elon is clearly a white supremacist!!!

Also, the Times says that some students were fooled by the government propaganda of the time, unlike the journalists who work at The Times.

...many students bought into government propaganda, Mr. Beney said.

Who exactly is this guy, again, other than a random South African dude who casually knew Elon as a teen?

Here's another way The Times proves Elon is an insufferable racist who wants to spread misinformation: The first black student to attend his high school, Stanley Netshituka, remembers Elon stood up for a black student and got bullied for it.

Mr. Musk became friends with a cousin of Mr. Netshituka's, Asher Mashudu, according to Mr. Mashudu's brother, Nyadzani Ranwashe. One time at lunch, a white student used an anti-Black slur, and Mr. Musk chided the student, but then got bullied for doing so, Mr. Ranwashe said.

Standing up to racist bullies??? HOW DARE YOU, PAPA ELON?!

He even had the GALL to attend the man's funeral:

Mr. Mashudu was killed in a car accident in 1987, and Mr. Ranwashe said he remembered Mr. Musk being one of only a handful of white people who attended the funeral in the family's rural village.

"It was unheard of during that time," he said.

So he stood up for black friends and even attended one's funeral.

Let's look back and compare these things to the headline, which is how far 95% of readers will get:


None of this matters. Not the words of his classmates, nor his estranged father, nor Elon himself.

All that matters is that there were accusations of racism at Tesla!

Errol Musk, who has been estranged from Elon, said he believed that apartheid had taught his son not to discriminate. But Elon's electric car company, Tesla, has faced serious accusations of racism.

Headline: Massive international company has several instances of discrimination

Obviously, the evidence is clear!

Especially given this:

The specter of apartheid was imbued in the culture. Like many other schools of that era, there was a cadet program that groomed the boys for military service. They would wear brown uniforms and do marching drills. There was a Scottish pipe band.

Cadet programs that teach young men discipline and team work, and prepare them to defend their homes and nation?


Wearing uniforms and doing marching drills???

DOUBLE GASP! Someone go get the Boy Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol!

And don't even get me STARTED on the Scottish pipes!

"I think his ideas about free speech are very classic liberal and not nuanced," Mr. Beney said of Mr. Musk.

Translation: Random man thinks Elon isn't woke enough because Elon believes in things like free speech, inherent rights, and dreaming about the future of humanity.

Some who knew Mr. Musk from his young days in South Africa said people should not discount the evolution he could have gone through once he left apartheid and South Africa behind.

That's right.

The New York Times' ultimate conclusion is that Elon Musk is horrible because he...

[Takes super long look at notes]

...1) transformed from a polite young man who suffered for defending black friends under a brutal system of segregation into...


... 2) a cool billionaire who escaped that system, never looked back, spent decades building the technology that's going to get us to Mars, and now wants to keep apartheid from occurring again by ensuring the internet is a place for free speech.

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