To demonstrate why standardized testing is wrong, aNti-rAciSm proponents are actually, seriously comparing different racial groups to ANIMALS.
· Mar 31, 2021 ·

The eugenicists called. They want their metaphors back:

Screen shot for if/when he deletes:

Think about how this is being applied. The idea is that people with different skin tones are like completely different species, and that some people are better at certain activities than others.

That sounds familiar from somewhere in the 20th century...

Logically, the argument means that people of certain racial groups are incapable of particular academic tasks, and it's therefore wrong to expect all human beings to be measured by the same academic testing.

So let me ask: how do you plan on explaining to kids that they are limited by their skin color in this brave new world? And WHOSE skin color puts them at a disadvantage?

  • Are you going to tell white kids they can't play sports because their skin is too light?
  • Are you going to tell Asians they have to stick in the lane of mathematics?
  • Are you going to tell black kids they can't read and write like the white kids?

Seems a bit racist to me!

Wokeism is a brain virus. That is all.

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