Top AI scientist says artificial intelligence will pass human intelligence WAY sooner than initially thought
· Mar 10, 2024 ·

I thought we had more time than this. I really did:

The computer scientist and CEO who popularized the term 'artificial general intelligence' (AGI) believes AI is verging on an exponential 'intelligence explosion.'

The PhD mathematician and futurist Ben Goertzel made the prediction while closing out a summit on AGI this month: 'It seems quite plausible we could get to human-level AGI within, let's say, the next three to eight years.'

'Once you get to human-level AGI,' Goertzel, sometimes called 'father of AGI,' added, 'within a few years you could get a radically superhuman AGI.'

So if I'm reading this right he's saying, "Things are going to get frightening a lot faster than we thought, and after that they'll get even more frightening at an even faster rate."

We have so much to look forward to!

Goertzel claimed an "exponential escalation of AI struck" is "inevitable," meaning that at this rate of development we're pretty much guaranteed to get to freakishly advanced artificial intelligence in short order.

Super-advanced AI has been a topic of debate and discussion for years. The minutia website "Wait But Why" had a fantastic series on it some years ago, "The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence," worth a full read.

Among Goertzel's evidence for the advent of AGI:

Long-time resident futurist and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil, who has developed a predictive model suggesting AGI will be achievable in 2029. ...

The well-known recent improvements made to so-called large language models (LLMs) within the past few years, which he pointed out have 'woken up so much of the world to the potential of AI.' ...

Lastly, the computer scientist ... turned to his own infrastructure research designed to combine various types of AI infrastructure, which he calls 'OpenCog Hyperon.'

This last project would blend broader and more developed forms of AI with those focused on specific subjects such as math or philosophy in order to "create a more well-rounded true AGI."

The scientist has already argued that AI "has the potential to replace 80 percent of human jobs 'in the next few years.'"

Buckle up, folks.

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