Toronto School Board cancels Yazidi Nobel Peace Prize winner because her account of being a sex slave at the hands of ISIS "would foster Islamophobia"
· Nov 22, 2021 ·

There are a wide array of cancel culture stories that get pushed on us daily, but this one might take the cake.

A Toronto School Board Superintendent is cancelling Yazidi survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Nadia Murad because her graphic stories about the horrors of ISIS would cause people to dislike Islam:

This is peak Wokeism, my friends.

They won't stand up to the barbarians modeling their life after a violent 7th-century warlord, but they will cancel the women who were raped and sold into slavery by them.

Toronto has destroyed about 3,000 children's books in recent months in an attempt to remove "offensive" books – nothing like pornographic LGBT comics, mind you, but anything right of Marx or that portrays Western civilization in a halfway positive light.

Having anyone criticize the brutality of Islamic terrorism is apparently offensive as well.

Founded by Tanya Lee about four years ago, the book club where Nadia Murad is invited welcomes girls aged 13 to 18 from various secondary schools, themselves overseen by the said school board. Without being directly governed by the institution, the club is promoted by its members to the students. The organizer of this literary event expressed her incomprehension to The Globe and Mail, explaining that the superintendent of the school, Helen Fisher, said that the students would not participate in the event, scheduled for February 2022.

The reason given? Her book, 'The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic State', could foster Islamophobia, Reports The Globe and Mail. This is to forget that the 28-year-old Iraqi girl was, for three months, the sexual slavery of no less than 13 Daesh [ISIS] soldiers in 2014, before she managed to flee to Germany. Shocked by the exchange with Helen Fisher, Tanya Lee said she then sent her an email with detailed information about the Islamic organization, from the BBC and CNN. "This is what the Islamic State means," she wrote to the superintendent. It is a terrorist organization. It has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims. The Toronto School Board should be aware of the difference."


So if someone in history used Christianity in an abusive way that directly contradicts biblical teachings, all of Canada must be purged of Judeo-Christian influence forever, but if a person tells her story about her treatment at the hands of Muslims who are literally following the words of Muhammed, the Quran, and the Hadith, she is to be cancelled post haste.

…Even if the vast majority of Muslims would agree with her assessment that ISIS is a vile organization that deserved to be bombed into oblivion!

Guess it's good to know that the Canadian totali-tyrants are on the side of history that includes murderous jihadis!

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