Toronto's skinny dipping club is offering free memberships to kids because of course it is
· Jul 8, 2024 ·

Well, isn't this just sickening!

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to a skinny dipping members club that offers free memberships to kids aged 14-18 (and allows any younger kids to attend with an adult).

For some (most likely perverted) reason, they are trying to lure in what they call "young naturists" and are making it as easy as possible to get kids naked around weird adults.

@gtaskinnydippers / Instagram

If you're under 14, all you need to do is bring someone (literally ANYONE) over 18 to join this nudist group. However, those aged 14-18 can get a free membership without needing to be accompanied by an adult.

As for those 19-25, singles pay $5.00, and couples pay $7.00 - couple pricing is based on the younger person.

You might be wondering, how is this even legal?

Of course, all the changing rooms are co-ed because why wouldn't they be? They're obviously all a bunch of perverts.

Their FAQ page mentions that you may not be allowed to wear swim goggles if you're spotting ogling people underwater.

The more you look through their website, the more disturbing it gets. As if free membership for kids under 18 wasn't sick enough ...

They even address what to do if and when men get erections - but don't worry, according to them, it's "very rare to see one!" 🤢

It's not so much that you have one, but rather, what are you doing with it.

Not only do they host skinny dipping sessions all over the GTA for nudists as young as 14, but they also "create a safe and comfortable environment where families can enjoy wholesome naturist/nudist activities."

Such activities include naked bowling with "far alleys reserved for kids and teens," naked Pride parade marches, and naked standup comedy nights.

@gtaskinnydippers / Instagram

I knew there were nudists out there, but I didn't think they'd be so blatant about luring kids with free memberships!

According to Canada's Criminal Code, a charge of indecent exposure and potential jail time can be laid on someone exposing their genitals to someone under 16 years old.

So, again, how are the "GTA Skinny Dippers" getting away with this depravity?!?

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