Shocker! Report says trans prisoners casually "switch genders again" once they're released from women's units back into society
· Jan 4, 2022 ·

The Scottish are desperately trying to catch up to the mainstream woke nonsense and they're doing a pretty good job at it.

Scottish prisoners can reside in the unit that best reflects their chosen gender identity – meaning pervy, biological male criminals sleeping next to female inmates.

Sure... what could possibly go wrong?

The Times UK reports:

The disclosure — in a study published in the British Journal of Criminology — has raised fresh concerns about self-identification of gender posing a risk to women's safety as first minister Nicola Sturgeon prepares to press ahead with gender recognition legislation this year.

We have now learned that those transgender inmates, the ones clearly exploiting the system, simply "switch genders again" after they are released from the women's units.

This is where you pretend to be shocked.

Female prisoners (the real kind of female) in Scottish jails have been told that the trans inmates serving sentences alongside them often switch back to their male birth gender after being freed.

It's almost like it's super, duper easy to switch genders these days!

No surgery, therapy or hormone treatments needed.

It's as easy as a snap of your fingers!

And just like that, we put women's safety at risk. It's that easy.

The Times admits there have been a number of incidents of violence and sexual violence involving female inmates being attacked by... you guessed it! Trans prisoners in England and Wales.

But Dr. Matthew Maycock of Dundee University claims there has been no such disturbing behaviour in Scotland. He came out with a study on "The transgender pains of imprisonment" in December 2020 where he went over the safety concerns of trans inmates but missed the huge elephant with an Adam's apple in the room: the safety of biological females among men during an extremely vulnerable time.

However, Maycock's report did identify fears among female inmates of predatory behaviour by some trans prisoners, with one suggesting "the transitions of transgender people might be an attempt by paedophiles or other sex offenders to access cis-women in the female prison estate".

Another woman told of a transwoman prisoner in her work party whose views "were totally wrong. He wanted to be in this hall because he wanted to have sex with loads of lassies."

In addition:

Another recent FoI request revealed that 12 trans prisoners convicted of violence or sexual crimes had been accommodated in Scottish women's jails within the past 18 months. Only one had transitioned fully while the others had self-identified as female.

Dr. Kate Coleman, director of the organization Keep Prisons Single Sex, had this to add:

When you consider that very many women in prison have a history of violent and sexual abuse at the hands of men, to force them to share accommodation with prisoners who they could reasonably recognise as male is outrageous.

Scotland is getting extreme.

Children as young as four years old are allowed to change their name and gender identity without parental consent. And they've even put tampons in men's washrooms just in case a confused person needs one.

Now Scots have men in prison with women and the inmates don't even have to commit to the lie – they can simply switch back as soon as it's convenient for them.

This is wrong and despicable!

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