Trump is SUING former British Intel Officer Christopher Steele in London for leaking the bogus Steele Dossier
· Oct 10, 2023 ·

In the midst of numerous legal battles in the United States, Trump is turning his focus overseas in an attempt to further clear his name from bogus attacks.

Trump is filing a lawsuit in London against Christopher Steele, the former British intel officer and Hillary Clinton oppo researcher who leaked the now infamous and completely ludicrous "Steele Dossier," which was the basis for the whole Russian Collusion nonsense.

The dossier was filled with made-up allegations invented from whole cloth about Russian prostitutes and Trump being an agent of Putin.

And now Trump is suing the man whose name is on the dossier.

In a court filing last month, Mr. Trump's lawyers said he was "compelled to explain to his family, friends, and colleagues that the embarrassing allegations about his private life were untrue. This was extremely distressing" for him, the filing said, asserting that Mr. Steele had presented the claims in a "sensationalist manner" that was "calculated to cause tremendous embarrassment" to Mr. Trump. He is asking for unspecified compensation.

This isn't exactly a defamation case, because that would be close to impossible to win.

Instead, Trump is suing Steele and Orbis, his company, for breaching data privacy laws by releasing and leaking completely fabricated claims.

Here's what Trump's lawyers said in the filing:

"The claimant did not engage in unorthodox behavior in Russia and did not act in a way that Russia authorities were provided with material to blackmail him," the lawyers said. "The personal data is not accurate. Further, the Defendant failed to take all reasonable steps to insure the personal data was accurate."

Trump to Steele right now:

Seriously. Christopher Steele's actions nearly single-handedly undermined Donald Trump's entire presidency.

My opinion? He needs to be shut up and maybe even locked up.

Even The New York Times is admitting now that almost everything in the dossier is, you guessed it...

Trump still has an uphill battle to win this case. And there's no amount of money that can undo the damage of the Steele Dossier.

But just a little justice would be nice.

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